Cornelia Noller-Klak

Cornelia Noller-Klak

Patchwork, Textil-Kunst
Lives and works in Heilbronn

I love to use old, spurned or unusual textiles and leftovers of all kinds for my quilts.

For our nature project I am looking for some experiments with different natural materials such as bark, seed pods, jute and different techniques such as printing and painting, returned to my favorite materials and techniques - fabrics of all kinds, sewing and embroidery.

The silk fabric from a garbage bag, which I was given as a present with the remark "Maybe you can do something with it", was the starting point for the motif and the background to develop stations of a metamorphosis with different fabrics and the ever further reduction of the motif.

The process of metamorphosis is not yet complete, the continuation of the series is in progress.

Especially close to my heart is the "African variation", with fabrics from Uganda. The fabrics come from my study trip to Uganda last year, during which we visited, among other things, old-clothes projects, where the old clothes land out of our containers.

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