Anja Schreurs Textile Art, Recycle Art, Trash Art

Produces sculptures, installations and jewelry made of used textiles or (worthless) lost and found items.

Anja Schreurs is concerned with the consequences of the throwaway society. She exclusively processes finds, waste or used goods. The artwork depends on which find falls into her hands and what interests her at the moment. The unusual material determines the possibilities, what the versatile artist makes of it. While she collects, cleans and sorts, she enthusiastically thinks about a processing technique, because the artist masters various textile techniques.

In addition to traditional techniques and materials, she seeks the confrontation through the use of unconventional and worthless objects. Our consumer society produces tons of waste. Even good products are carelessly thrown away without a second thought. Anja transforms these "foreign bodies" into sculptures, installations or jewelry. Only at second glance, the viewer discovers what it originally was. The decisive factor is the aspect of the transformation of a material originally intended for other purposes. Formerly worthless materials are transformed into meaningful objects.

Anja Schreurs' sculptures and installations invite the viewer to discover, to marvel, or they can be a food for thought. Her artistic work aims to reflect on the most fundamental ecological problem of our time, to make us aware of one thought: we have only one earth...

Anja Schreurs Textile Art, Recycle Art, Trash Art

Anja Schreurs

Born 1970 in Venlo, the Netherlands, 1990-1995 study hospitality management, Stenden University NL, 2006-2007 Senior Secondary Vocational Education, Social pedagogical carer level 4, NL, 2007-2016 degree in textile art, Academy of Arts, Mol, Belgium. Member of the wieArt artist group Rhein-Neckar, and textile artist group TeXperiment, lives and works in Walldorf, Germany since 2016.

Exhibitions (selection)


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